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I am Tiffany 

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I am Tiffany 

I am Tiffany 

My Photography Journey...

My heart beats a little faster when I think about families- about two people finding love and promising each other forever, about people creating their own family, about kids being kids playing in a field, and the idea of families working hard every day to be a part of a community.  I want to help you create memories for you families so you can always remember whatever season your life is in. 

But, it wasn’t until my own wedding that I began to think of photography as more than a hobby. I realized that neither my family or my husband had good, quality photos and just how important it is for the future to document the season of life you are in now.

In 2016, I began taking on clients, I started to take online courses, invest in good quality equipment and learn the real ins and outs of running your own business. I knew that this would be an investment in future business and a future career.

Today, I am lucky enough to be booking many family sessions and weddings including some very fun destination weddings in Hawaii, Tennessee, California, and Texas. To make things even sweeter my husband is now my main second shooter. For many family sessions, you may see him in tow helping with props lighting, etc. For weddings, he has a camera or two strapped and ready to go. He really has a great eye for details. And we make a great team giving our clients a fun and stress-free day while capturing every moment and detail.

The Castle Family...

Michael and I met in 2011.  I have been playing bagpipes since I was a kid.  Michael, having Irish ancestry decided he wanted to try to learn how the bagpipes.  He joined that bagpipe band that I was a part of and we instantly became great friends.  For a long time after meeting our friends and family would make jokes about us getting married one day.  We would laugh and say "Nah! we are just friends!"  Michaels childhood friend, Brandon, even put a $100 bet on it.  Michael paid up at our wedding during the best man's speech.

We both had separate trips to Ireland planed at the end of 2012.  We met up for a couple of days while we were there and it

 was then that we finally admitted that mayyyybeeee our friends knew what they were talking about and we should try out the whole dating thing.  When we got back from Ireland we basically moved right in together and were inseparable after that. 
We purchased a home in Firestone in 2013.  While we lived there we added a few more pups to the home.  

I waited impatiently for a couple of years for Michael to pop the question.  (Little did I know that Michael and one of my best friends were custom designing a ring for me for months in secret.)    After 6 months of ring planning Michael finally popped the question, it was perfect.   

When we were just dating at one point Michael made a joke that if I found a castle in Colorado he would marry me.  Give me a challenge and google and watch out. Ha!  I found Dunafon castle and knew we would get married there one day.  In 2016 Michael and I got married surrounded by our loved ones and the day was perfect... with one exception.  During our wedding, I attempted the limbo in my wedding dress, I fell and fractured my tibia and blew out my ACL.  Michael still tells our friends and family when they get engaged, "Be careful, new brides don't have a warranty!"  I tell all my brides that I have one rule, NO LIMBO in wedding dresses when I am shooting your wedding! Ha!

A couple of years after we got married Michael and I got this crazy idea that we wanted to leave the suburban life and move to the country to raise bison.  After a while of trying to talk ourselves out of that idea, we finally took a huge leap of faith and purchased just over 100 acres in a small 'ghost town' Carr, Colorado.  We packed up our home in Firestone and sold it.  That brings us to where we are today.  We are living with my parents while we build a custom home on the land.  We also added a much larger fur baby to the herd.  "Sir Loin" is our very first bison for our new business/ranch "Castle Bison".  We can't wait to share our story of our new lifestyle with everyone.  Check out our facebook page "Castle Bison" to follow along. 


Our Fur Kids...
RIP Dexter
Sir Loin
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